‘Organizing women for justice’

a. With the aim of strengthening the leadership of Syrian women and their resilience during the conflict and their ability to be effective in the transition process in the post-conflict phase of the Syrian conflict, and based on the need to work on national justice mechanisms based on the participation of Syrian women, Damma Organization, in partnership with the Dawlaty Foundation, launched a new training course For the year 2021, a continuation of the course that was launched in 2018 on the political participation of women and the development of the local community and women's groups or women-led groups on the mechanisms of political participation and advocacy of their causes and help them to participate actively in the Syrian society, with the aim of making an impact in their societies. Reaching stronger participatory communities and activating women's participation in the development process and decision-making related to social and political issues.

Women work as influential entities and actively contribute for positive change in order to achieve gender-sensitive justice and peace.