“For Peace..
  For Human..   For Home.Damma-Hug

“For Peace..
  For Human.. For Home.Damma-Hug

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About Us

Damma-hug is a developmental non-governmental and independent organization, founded in lebanon in 2016 by women led initiative who believe in the peace building.

Damma-hug believes that the dignity is a right for everyone and seeks to promote the participatory approach for the different community members as well as pays a great attention in sustainable development and support the civic space to reach a peaceful society.

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Feel the peace of giving.

If we want to teach real peace in this world, we have to start with our children. Education is the key to unlocking the golden door of peace.

The classrooms are ready to recieve students and teachers at the school. To draw a smile on children's faces, you must continue the learning process to build a better future and protect them from violence and exploitation.

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Inspirational messages

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"We rise by supporting others"
Together we do so much support for you within five core sectors.

Women Empowerment

Damma-Hug empowers and encourages women to feel strong and confident to improve themselves. In addition to providing equal rights for women to enhance their social, economic, and political participation.


Damma-Hug delivers help and hope to children through an equal and fair education chance for everyone. In addition to improving the incubating environment for the child through (PSS) directed at the child and the family.


Damma-Hug envisions a safe and dignified community for all individuals and children including those in need and delivering specialized protection services for the most vulnerable group. In addition to working to ensure full respect for human rights. The protection sector includes: Child protection, Gender-based violence (GBV), Community-based protection (CBP), Psychosocial Support (PSS).


Damma-Hug provides non-discriminatory support for individuals
and communities through facilitating access to skills and resources to expand their capabilities, with the focus on the most vulnerable group.


Damma-Hug works with humanitarian, development, and peace-building activities to promote social stability and build peace through human coexistence. In addition to advocating for human rights.

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Caring to Fill the World with Good News.


The women's salon project

Her Story is Our Story.

Mental Arithmetic competition at Damma Educational center.

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Success Story


Women's great powers of creativity and imagination have created stories that exemplify their pain, which turns into a HOPE.

Bushra Abu Mesto Success Story

The changes that occurred with me after the refuge was at a personal level. At the professional level, there was little knowledge in my field before the refuge. But after that, it becomes greater because of dealing with different and new patterns in the host society of different nationalities and moving away from dependency and increasing self-confidence through engaging in civil work as well as personal and non-personalized work in confronting challenges and problems due to increased experience during the work, such as organized work, organizing duties and rights.

Wissam Ghanem Success Story

I was an oriental woman, a housewife, who only delivered everything to my house, but the revolution began, and I started working in the field of relief and sponsorships for orphans. Of course, on a very small level, I gathered people I knew to make meals and help people. I was helping to secure the orphans. There was a lot of opposition to the campaign, and it was a policeman to find out that he continued to help the world in the same field, and indeed, I continued to help in the same field as mine, and I started volunteering with organizations here, as well as I can help the largest number of people. My work after refuge was volunteering with nations for six years.

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