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Damma is a civil, development, independent, non-governmental, non-profit organization,
launched in 2011 through an initiative of women who believe in peace.
Who We Are?

Imagine it By Your Five Senses


Empowering the civic society with all its components to reach a peaceful society.


Damma-hug provides integrated support for the communities specifically for women and children as well as creates equal
opportunities for everyone through facilitating safe access to services and resources and empower the most vulnerable people.

Damma-hug works on peacebuilding mechanism and the humanitarian coexistence and activates the advocacy process
as well as implement the prevention and protection to improve the livelihood and enhance the social stability to reach
a society that sustainable peace dominates through the women’s participation in building it and lead the change.


Objectivity,  respect,  non-discrimination,  responsibility,  solidarity,  transparency and integrity,

Rights and freedom,  justice and equality,  human coexistence,  and do no harm.



Advocate human rights based on the international convention of human rights to enhance the stability and the peacebuilding.


Contribute to reduce the gender-based violence and support the survivors through enhancing the prevention mechanism.


Contribute to ensuring the education right for everyone in a good quality..


Enhance the resilience of the children and their caregivers through the psychosocial support and case management.


Provide the skills and resources to improve a sustainable livelihood as well as economic empowerment specifically for women.


Ensure the social, economic and political empowerment of women.


Contribute to reduce the risk of climate change through awareness and local community initiatives.

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