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On #International_Womens_Day, let's get to know the top 5 women selected by the Lebanese League for Women in Business Lebanese League for Women in Business | LLWB as qualified candidates to join the board of directors. And what they said about their participation in the "Women on Board" project.

The women's salon project

In a world full of challenges and opportunities, the women's salon project remains an important landmark for the integration and political dialogue of women. It is a vibrant space where women come together not only to express their ideas but also to shape common visions and work towards effecting change.

Her Story is Our Story.

Violence against women, the "Damma" organization launched the campaign #Nations_Struggle_For_You, to express from all over the world our rejection of violence against women and girls. The participants wrote on a piece of paper (#Her_Story_is_Our_Story) and took a photo of it from their place and sent it to us, to be published on our social media... May peace prevail on earth.

Mental Arithmetic competition at Damma Educational center.

One of the most important things that our students can participate, is the challenge of mental arithmetic, because by it, we can solve the largest number of mathematical problems in minutes, and develops concentration, ability and intelligence.

UN Arabic Language Day.

The Arabic language is one of the aspects of the cultural diversity of humanity, and it has an important role in transmitting scientific and philosophical knowledge to Europe during the Renaissance.

A dialogue session about the anger.

A dialogue session with mothers about the anger: causes, symptoms, and how to reduce it, within the "peer mother" sessions.